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Fake Swiss Made Rolex Replica Knockoff Watch

I have a lot of knowledge about fake watch watches, but when friends hear the words “replica”, there are still some misunderstandings in self-awareness. We can think of it as a fake watch, but nowadays the domestic engraving technology is not as scum as it was at the beginning. If you compare a piece of replica with a genuine one, it is not lost in authenticity, so we can’t underestimate the present. Replica technology.

According to relevant experts, there are no more than 20 watches that can be called replica watc in the market. I heard that I want to argue, 20, if only 20 watches are re-enacted. Accepted, the famous manufacturers like N Factory have already closed down, and the telling of these experts is simply nonsense.
Watches have mechanical watches and quartz watches. The quartz watches have higher requirements for replica watches. The general simulation level needs to reach about 90%. If the level of top-level re-engraving, the degree of simulation of the watch should be above 95%. I believe that many people have to ask again. You said these factories are so cattle, why not do it the same as 100% of genuine products?

And each of the top replicas is made according to the original mold opening, and now the big manufacturers can have such technology, but there are some small manufacturers that are not famous, the production of details is really not flattering. The details of the processing are not in place, so when you look at it, as long as you are careful, you can see the flaws on the watch, so only such a watch can not be called a replica.

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