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July 21, 1969, the Supermaster replica watch has written a new history in the watchmaking industry. This year, Omega uses the new MoonshineTM 18K gold material to showcase the brand’s pioneering spirit. The brand is applying for a patent for this new alloy, which is slightly lighter than the traditional yellow K gold ⁠, but with a longer color. On this new timepiece, the MoonshineTM 18K gold runs through the overall design of the watch.
Superior design

Innovation is the key to the success of the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition replica watches. Omega follows this philosophy with a 42mm stainless steel case with a polished MoonshineTM 18K gold bezel. The polished black zirconia ceramic bezel features an OMEGA Ceragold® speed scale.
The dial is divided into two different areas, including a lacquered gray central area and a black outer minute circle. The chamfered hour markers, vintage Omega logo and hands are made of MoonshineTM 18K gold, while the central chronograph seconds hand is coated with MoonshineTM K gold PVD coating.
Tribute sign

At 3:15:16, the world standard time, Buzz Aldrin wears the Omega Speedmaster and drops the moon surface from the Flying Eagle. The Supermaster becomes the first on the moon. Wear the watch.
The new limited-edition fake watches feature a MoonshineTM 18K gold dial at 9 o’clock and laser-engraved images of Baz Aldrin on the moon’s surface. Unlike other time scales, the number “11” at 11 o’clock is made of MoonshineTM 18K gold, paying tribute to the “Apollo 11” mission. Courage to the predecessors. The black coated inner back has a lunar surface texture that laser engraves the footprints of the astronauts on the lunar surface. “A small step for the individual, a big step for mankind”, Neil Armstrong’s legendary classics are still echoing after the time baptism. Now, this famous quote is imprinted on the back of the watch with MoonshineTM 18K gold letters. On the other side of the moon, this limited edition fake watch is only available in 6,969 pieces. The back of the watch is engraved with the black number, “APOLLO 11” (Apollo 11), “50th ANNIVERSARY” (50th Anniversary) and “LIMITED EDITION” (limited edition). In addition, the words “NAIAD LOCK” (spin-in locking structure), “Cal.3861” (calibre) and “CO-AXIAL MASTER CHRONOMETER” (coaxial to 臻 Observatory certification) are engraved on the back of the steel.
Moon watch movement
Omega’s new Calibre 3861 to the Observatory’s coaxial movement lifts the famous lunar movement to new heights. Omega is determined to produce a movement that is perfectly matched to the Calibre 1861, but with the highest performance. This latest version has been trial and error until it is successfully developed and takes a full four years.
This goal has now been achieved. The new Super Moonlight watch features coaxial technology, a stop-second function, and the use of Omega’s innovative and innovative diamagnetic technology to withstand high magnetic fields of up to 15,000 Gauss, meeting the standards of the Observatory and ensuring the highest level of certification in the industry. Timing and anti-magnetic. Astronaut’s moon landing gear This watch is paired with a polished matte metal bracelet with a vintage “Ω” logo on the buckle: its design is inspired by the fourth generation of the super-master watch
To help customers meet the needs of a variety of styles, the new limited edition watch comes with a special strap for selection. In the NASA-style case, another black-coated cork velcro strap is attached. This innovative design is designed to pay tribute to the Apollo era’s “Promotional Protective Cover” – a fiberglass structure covered by a thick cork ablation baffle that “covers” the command cabin like a glove to protect astronauts in Saturn 5 Avoid burning at high temperatures during the launch.

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