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At the SIHH Geneva exhibition earlier this year, the brand further expanded the collection with a dark blue dial with a 18k rose gold case. Although the blue dial does not look fresh, it rarely appears with the rose gold material. The new work has launched three styles: two-pin Patrimony, date Patrimony, and the week calendar retrograde Patrimony watch.
The Patrimony Weekly Calendar Retrograde is actually the work of the fourth iteration. The boutique version before it is not mentioned here because of the longer interval. What needs to be known is that the color theme used in the previous works is more traditional, not silver or black. In contrast, the combination of the new blue plate and the rose gold is more attractive and modern.
Of course, not only the color is different, but the modification of the dial has also changed. The early white dial version was modified with grain and matt finishes, while the new fake watches blue dial surface is decorated with sun-brushed finishes that radiate from the center and interact well with outside light. Blue is a fascinating metallic hue.
In addition to the color and decoration aspects, its dial also takes the typical Patrimony style. The minute scale track is paved with gold dots, while the hour mark of the whole point is made of rose gold. This also reflects the layout preference of replica shoes, which tends to be eccentric or asymmetric dial design. Since the retrograde date module is closer to 12 o’clock, the upper part of the time scale is shorter.However, in general, its dial still shows a strange sense of balance, and the fan-shaped calendar scale is absolutely indispensable. The wide open surface allows for ample gaps between all scales for added readability. The diameter of the case is 42.5mm, which is a little larger than the average size of the formal watch. For comparison, the diameter of the calendar Patrimony watch is 40mm, which is a simple one. Therefore, it is no wonder that the traditionalists will pick it. The thorns.
Having said that, the relative thickness of the case is only 9.7mm, so the overall proportion is still elegant, and can still easily slide in and out of the shirt cuff. It is equipped with a Cal.2460 RT self-winding movement. In essence, Vacheron Constantin has added a retrograde calendar module to its Cal.2460 SC.
The movement carries the Geneva Seal, which demonstrates its highest level of precision in manufacturing and grinding. Despite being a basic movement, Cal.2460 is the most advanced foundation of Vacheron Constantin, which explains its rather complex structure. The best way to explain this is the stop-second mechanism on the left side of the balance.
Although the new Patrimony series of calendar calendar retrograde watch watches is just an iteration, the biggest significance is that, together with the other two new blue discs, it adds a more modern to this quite traditional series and design. breath. Their appearance is quite outstanding and has a strong appeal, but the biggest drawback is that the price is too high. This is a simple calendar, but its price tag is slightly more than 43,000 US dollars, and the price of the Patek Philippe basic calendar model is only less than 10%, it seems to be a bit too confident. In short, this is a work of exquisite workmanship and quality, but its price/performance ratio is not high.

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