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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive, the Grand Seiko sports collection presents a new design. The design is inspired by the power and majesty of the lion image that Grand Seiko uses throughout the year. The new collection offers three limited edition replica watches and is equipped with two specially tuned Spring Drive movements.
Seiko immortal lion logo
The grandeur and determination of the Grand Seikot Grand SeikoE team is only to create the most accurate, durable and beautiful watch. They set the goal to create the “king of the watch”, so from the lion badge you can see the inner strength of Grand Seikof and inspire the creators to make every effort to create the perfect timing product.
The figure of the lion can be seen in all aspects of the design of the watch, especially the angular and powerful case, the lion-clawed lugs and the delicate hair texture portrayed on the dial. In addition, all three designs have a 18K yellow gold lion badge printed on the oscillating weight to emphasize its highly tuned high-precision movement (static day difference ±0.5 seconds)

New case design, sports series to a higher level of performance
In addition to the enhanced precision of the movement, the new design has several features that ensure that each watch combines outstanding performance, ultra-clear display and a comfortable wearing experience. These outstanding performances are derived from the shock and high temperature resistance of the Spring Drive movement, ensuring a precision of 0.5 seconds of static day-to-day accuracy even in the most demanding sports environments. The hour, minute, second hand and chronograph hands are all new designs that enhance time display clarity while applying the unique Lumibrite material to the hands, hour markers and bezels, and a non-reflective coating The high-definition double-layer curved sapphire crystal glass enhances readability. The low center of gravity case design with curved lugs makes the back of the watch more inwardly curved to the wrist, making the experience more comfortable. The strap is also designed with comfort in mind, and the thick H-shape makes it easy to wear on any size wrist.
A new image combined with the classic Grand Seiko

The new fake watches are undoubtedly a shining star in the sports collection, but the classic features of Grand Seiko are also evident. The case is polished with a aratsu (grinding wheel) and the edge of the hour mark is cut using a diamond cutting process. The dial is clear and easy to read. The interlacing of light and shadow reflects the unique Japanese aesthetic of Grand Seiko. The watch is made of 18K rose gold and high-strength titanium metal case. Another three models are also made of high-strength titanium metal as the case material. Three limited edition fake watch watches will be released from May 019.

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