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The brand influence and popularity of Omega watches have always been at the top of the list in China, and its disc flying series is deeply loved and sought after by watch friends. If you choose the most suitable for business men in all styles of disc flying, The bright blue fake watches of the discs are definitely the preferred style!
If you put all the men’s replica watches in the Omega Disc Fly series together, the most outstanding color is definitely the bright blue. The basic style of the disc flying is slightly monotonous in design, and the bright and blue unique fashion appearance can be said to be good. Make up for this.

In terms of size, the bright blue color is slightly larger. The diameter of the 41mm dial with a thickness of 13.8mm can be said to be more atmospheric. The case is made of 316 stainless steel and sapphire. The promotion is so close, so there is also the reputation of flying on the side.
In the movement, the retro watch Omega classic 8500 two-way automatic mechanical movement ensures that the watch is perfect for precise travel and reliable stability, and the watch bottom cover adopts a see-through structure to fully see the movement. Beautifully crafted and polished with very beautiful detailing.
The Omega disc flying bright blue watch can be matched with both steel belt and belt. It is suitable for individual adjustment according to the needs of different environments. The steel belt is forged from 316 steel and the belt is made of American crocodile leather.

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