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Rolex Ice Randy was launched in 2015. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Daytona series, it is made of platinum and has a light blue dial with a brown bezel. So it is commonly known as “Ice Blue Di”. Domestic price is 618,600. Although the replica watches are not said to be limited editions, they are rarely produced, so they have been sold at a higher price, and even if they are a fare increase, they are difficult to buy. Similar to Rainbow Di, they are both money and can not be bought. Form.
Daytona is the only timekeeping series in the Rolex watch. It has been legendary for many years. It is an inspirational story to be promoted from a running role to a contemporary hot “Little Student” Daytona, especially Ditong. Take the ice blue face Di Tonga inside is particularly eye-catching, this watch can be described as the nobles in the Daytona series. This watch is a limited edition watch released by Rolex to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Daytona series. It is made of precious metal platinum. The highlight of this watch is that the first one uses the fake watch volley volley. Ditona, the taste of the skull is full, many people and I said that they are simply fascinated by it.

The surface of the watch is a light blue lettering. The outer ring is a chestnut-brown ceramic outer ring. It is non-rotatable. The long needle at 12 o’clock is not a second hand. Remember that this is not a second hand. This is a chronograph hand. The 2 o’clock position button is the timing start and pause button, the 3 o’clock position is the crown, which is responsible for timing adjustment, and the 4 o’clock position is the chronograph needle reset button. Let’s look at the scale of the table below. The version of Dayton’s 50th Anniversary is full of diamonds, very luxurious, and today we are the ordinary ice blue, the bottom cover is without lettering. It’s just a brushed bottom cover. There is no difference in frontal contrast, including the problem of color difference, and there is no such thing.
The mirror surface is made of sapphire mirror, the mirror surface is blue-free, and the mirror permeability is also very transparent.
Ice blue dial, many friends worry about color, in fact, worry is superfluous. The dial of this ice blue Ditong is also brushed, and the radial grain pattern is more obvious under the ice blue rendering, further increasing the texture of the entire dial.
Outer ring
Ceramic outer ring is also one of the important details to be aware of. Ceramic material can resist corrosion, scratch resistance, ultraviolet light and no fading, and has a high degree of recognition, which can be recognized at a glance.
This icy rhinestone is made of 950 platinum, and then the body of the watch is polished, and the side drawing process is remarkable. The middle crown and the buttons on both sides are very delicate, especially the LOGO on the crown is engraved very well, not a little bit sloppy.
The bottom of the shell and the like are in contact with the skin, and the bottom cover is brushed. The bottom cover is low and flat, and the bottom cover is inverted. Only the edge of the 2.5 mm high ring is chamfered, and the polishing is very delicate. Equipped with Shanghai 7750 chronograph movement, stable and reliable.
The strap is made of stainless steel enamel strap with a classic three-breasted design. The straps are brushed on both sides and polished in the middle. The clasp is a shackle-type safety clasp with the Rolex logo engraved on it.
Overall, this watch is still perfect, N’s work is worthy of recognition. I personally feel that the color of the ice blue face gives a young, energetic feeling, and can adapt to various occasions, is a versatile watch. Due to the limited sale, it is impossible to buy this watch in the market now. If the poisoning is deep, this n-factor ice blue-faced Ditong is a good detoxification choice.

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