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The Breitling watch brand is located in the Swiss Jura, a place that is also known for the luxury coffee machines. In the Swiss Jura the brand has also started. Breitling is a watch brand that can wear the Swiss Made label and guarantees the Swiss quality. You can buy a new Breitling watch from around 2000 USD. Second-hand, you can often also conveniently buy a watch. Pay attention to the papers that come with each original watch. Later on we also tell you what to look out for so This way you know how to buy a copy.

Breitling watches

The technician Leon Breitling started in 1884 with the making of chronometers, stopwatches and measuring instruments for watchmakers. As you can understand, Breitling did not make watches at that time. Following on from the IWC brand, which made the first wristwatch in 1899, Leon Breitling came up with the idea of making a wrist stopwatch that proved to be a useful tool for pilots, among other things.

Louis Breitling died in 1914 when his son Gaston took over the factory. in 1932 they designed the first watch in which both the watch movement and a stopwatch were placed. A few years later, following on Rolex, a watch was developed that ran on wrist movement. In this, Gaston also paid close attention to the competition and became the second brand to produce automatic timepieces and to sell them in watches.

In the second half of the twentieth century, however, the brand got into financial difficulties and was bought up by a Swiss businessman who wanted to play a higher market segment. Thanks to a thorough marketing Breitling became internationally known. Especially the non-stop balloon flights with the Breitling Orbiter could count on a massive interest in the international media.

Breitling replica watches


Breitling watches are hugely popular among the Chinese. As you know, the Chinese are also very handy and good at counterfeiting articles including watches. Before you buy an expensive watch it is also important to first read about the watch. Replica watches are available in large numbers and are already offered for a few bucks. As you will already feel your water, these are not real watches. However, they are copied in detail and they are getting better at counterfeiting watches. There are replica watches with a so-called ETA movement, which makes it more and more difficult to distinguish them from real watches. Replica watches with an ETA movement are sold for about 200 to 300 USD.

What should you pay attention to when buying a Breitling watch:

Buy the watch at an official dealer
Or ask for the papers that belong to the watch
Deepen in the model and compare the watch what you want to purchase and see if there are any differences. Breitling replica watches often miss some details.
Do some inquiries about the price of a watch even if it is this second hand. View the possible prices on for example Chrono24 a Breitling watch you do not buy for 80 USD at the marketplace!

Well-known models by Breitling include the navitimer, ocean and the Bentley. Replicas will be in circulation especially for these common models. For models that are not sold too often, it does not pay off to manufacture them. We also supply watch replica for many models. Think of a replica Breitling navitimer, Breitling Superocean, Breitling Bentley.

Breitling maintenance

Your watch, like a car, will need a maintenance once in a while. Go to official dealers and ask if you can go there for maintenance. After the watch has been checked and possibly polished, you can use a new Breitling watch strap to make your watch as new again!

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