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When you first heard the Rolex Replica Explorer II Watch, what were you thinking?” This kind of watch is regarded as an explorer’s design, and it certainly doesn’t suit me.” In fact, this replica Rolex watch is not only suitable for explorers but also suitable for men. This watch comes in two colors: black and white. Watches with black dials are more suitable for mature people, while white watches are more suitable for young people. Today, we will introduce the replica Explorer II Automatic 216570 watch in the black dial.

Replica Explorer II Automatic Watch 216570 BKSO

Replica Explorer II Black dial

The design of the dial is very delicate. Looking closely at this dial, we can see that there is a gap between the pointer and the center of the dial. The combination of black and silver is more attractive. This dark color system is matched with bright colors, just enough to make this orange be its bright spot. The second hand on the dial is the longest of the four hands. The luminous bar on the minute hand also guarantees to watch the time at night. The Top Replica Watches Rolex look very big, but it feels that the watch is not very big after wearing it. Although this watch is a bit heavy, it is easy to use and feels good.

Replica Explorer II Automatic Watch 216570 BKSO dial

Large case

This replica Explorer II watch has a large 42 mm case. It can be worn on both thin and thick wrists. It is composed of 316-grade stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The bezel on the case cannot be turned, but the crown can adjust the time, calendar, and orange hands. Although this watch Rolex replica Explorer II looks large, the visual area of the dial is actually very small. Therefore, the whole replica watch looks very harmonious.

Replica Explorer II Automatic Watch 216570 BKSO Case

Adjustable Bracelet

The bracelet of this watch is easy to adjust. It is made of 316-grade stainless steel. The bracelet can be extended by 5mm, which is very suitable for wrist adjustment during exercise. This design is both smart and convenient. It not only has an easy-to-adjust bracelet but also has high wearing comfort. The buckle on the replica Rolex watch imitation has a safety lock on the outer end to prevent accidental opening.

Replica Explorer II Automatic Watch 216570 BKSO bracelet

This Replica Explorer II Automatic Watch 216570 BKSO is a popular style all year round. Its classic style, stable travel time, ultra-diameter, and large orange hands make it convenient for men to watch the time at all time. If you like a steady and calm style, you can try the black one. I believe you will be proud of making the right choice.

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