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The ultramodern attitude and haute couture stance of the Audemars Piguet watch collection pushes the envelope and makes other watch designers question their work. These high-fashion timepieces are the standard by which all other progressive designers take their cue.

Swiss Expert carries a choice selection of the Audemars Piguet replica inventory. If you are on the cutting edge and want to remain there, an Audemars Piguet replica may well be the watch for you. The opulence and elegance won’t be lost on anyone who notices you sporting one of our Swiss replica watches!

Why is the Audemars Piguet Millenary so cheap and poorly documented?

Audemars Piguet is best known for the creation of their Royal Oak wristwatch and the majority of knowledge that one needs to know about the brand is understandably focused on that one momentous achievement if you are new here welcome be sure to subscribe and follow us on Instagram at a Lux without further ado here are 15 things we didn’t know about Audemars Piguet number one the Royal Oak watch was designed in a day it’s hard to believe it but did you know that one of the most iconic watches ever created was actually designed in a single day on the eve of a watchmaking fair in.

How do I spot a fake Audemars Piguet watch?

Europe young watch stylist Gerald Ajanta was handed a brief Jean say had already made his name in the industry at companies like Omega and Universal Jeanette and he decided to think outside the box and came up with a now familiar octagonal case that at the time was a completely revolutionary idea the design also featured the exposed mounting screws that would eventually become another trademark of the Royal Oak and all in less than 24 hours number two Royal Oak prototypes were made from white gold unlike many of their competitors at the time who are using precious metals like platinum and gold Audemars Piguet caused controversy by producing watches made of stainless steel that was being sold for just as much as their more luxurious counterparts their.

reasoning for this was that it was easier to work with steel compared to the softness and over malleability of gold however in the run-up to the Royal Oaks debut at a trade show in Basel in 1972 the company did not have enough time to develop the necessary techniques and tools to construct the intricate design in steel so what did they do they went back to the tried and tested crowd-pleasing material of gold number-three Audemars Piguet created the concept of luxury sports watches up until the creation of the royal oak the truth is that sports watches were far from being classed as luxurious before 1972 timekeeping was seen as a serious business a time where a wristwatch.

Why are Audemar Piguet watches so expensive?

was seen as a sensible necessity rather than a stylish accessory watches like the Blanc passed 50 fathoms and Rolex submariner was designed purely for function ready for as much use and abuse as possible Audemars Piguet changed this with the introduction of the Royal Oak with a level of hand finishing and stylish design that had previously been unheard of in the field of sports watches the watches water-resistant feature was even advertised as a benefit for rich yacht owners who could enjoy the time on their decks without having to worry about their timepieces number four it was merely named for Safari it’s hard to spank any other name than Royal Oak being used to title one of the most revolutionary watches in the world but did you know that it was almost named the Safari instead before settling on Royal Oak the prototype that was being passed through the company was nicknamed the Safari because of the sporting pretensions that evoked images of desert adventure and exploration, however, the nickname didn’t stick and in search of something slightly more refined in luxurious sounding.

This premium line of replica watches has at its core an authentic Swiss ETA which makes for a perpetually reliable hacking mechanism and a smooth, sweeping second hand. Every one of our Swiss replica watches features a forged case construction, a solid screw-down crown, a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and 2.5x magnifying lens over the date at 3 o’clock. In addition to this fine mechanical craftsmanship, you’ll find a variety of styles in our line of Swiss Rolex replica watches to choose from — we guarantee you’ll find the crown, dial, face and color you’ve been looking for!

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