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Vacheron Constantin is still attracting attention this year at the Geneva exhibition. The newly-launched Wu Lu series, the classic Overseas series, the Traditionnelle attack series, the Patrimony heritage series and the stunning Les Cabinotiers loft craftsman series have all launched new watches. Is it worth seeing? In addition, this year, blue became one of the hot colors. Vacheron Constantin also added a new blue plate for the Patrimony heritage series and the Fifty six Wulu type series, revealing the brand’s own strong strength and extraordinary value. Next, let’s take a look at the Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series Weekly Calendar Retrograde Watch Blue Face Watch, and feel the fascinating blue of the wrist.
  Replica watches The Vacheron Constantin heritage series has always been based on simple style, with a slim and elegant case, is the ideal companion for formal occasions and banquets. Vacheron Constantin’s new model adds a retrograde function this time, which preserves the simplicity of the original and breaks the routine, allowing the wearer to easily feel the feeling of time passing between the wrists.

The case is 42.5 mm in diameter and 9.7 mm thick. It is made of 18K 5N pink gold. The front and sides of the fake watch case are polished with a polished finish. The delicate and lustrous metal shines in front of us.

The lines on the side of the case are full and smooth, very elegant and natural.
This is the first time that Vacheron Constantin’s fake watches series has launched a blue watch. The charming midnight blue disk is decorated with a sunburst pattern, adding a sense of agility and luster. The conical stereo time scale and the bead type minute scale are against each other.

The half of the face is the date indicator and the lower half is the day of the week, all equipped with a retrograde function. When the pointer with the arrow goes to the end, it can return instantly, and the time between the movement and the time is realized, which brings visual enjoyment. Unique design and aesthetic insights in the limited space of the disk to play the most extreme, full of fun.

The dark blue Mississippi crocodile leather strap is complemented by tonal stitching and generous plaid, and with a folding clasp, retaining the glamorous design of the 1950s.

The movement adopts the 2460 R31R7/2 winding movement independently developed by the brand. It is certified by the Geneva Seal and has a power reserve of about 40 hours. Through the transparent case back, you can see its exquisite movement. After hand polishing, beveling, brightening and chamfering, every detail shows the brand’s ingenuity. The 18K 5N red gold hollow oscillating weight is equally pleasing. .

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