The price of Rolex watches is generally not low. The cheapest fake watches watch series is the Oyster Perpetual Series, and the price is mostly “close to the people”. (In fact, for those with low-end budgets, this price is still slightly higher.) The public price of the oyster-type constant motion series is about 40,000 yuan. If you can get a better discount, it is still quite competitive!
In addition, Rolex’s new airmaster is the preferred entry style, and the new Airbar is designed to be very simple and functional. If the budget is sufficient, this watch is more suitable as a Rolex entry-level watch.

Of course, if you still think it’s too expensive, consider starting with the watch watch Rolex. Given that Rolex has the ability to protect its value, it is still very cost effective. Or you can consider the style of the Rolex sub-brand Titto, the price is lower, the design is the same as the Rolex style, the quality is very guaranteed.

Let’s take a look at Rolex’s bottom line first, because I personally think that the gender boundaries of watches are not that important.

The cheapest Rolex must be a steel watch, and the function is the easiest, even without a calendar. From the current pricing point of view, the 蚝-type constant motion 176200, the lowest price is 32100 yuan, automatic machinery, stainless steel, 26 mm (yes, this size is strictly a female watch).

If we insist on men’s watches, that is, look at larger sizes, for example, 114300, 39 mm, are basically classified as male watches. Of course, girls buy it without problems. There are several options for this model, and the price is 43300 yuan.

In fact, there are a lot of Rolex who can choose from this price range. If you are interested, you can look at the objects in the store. In addition, if you want to buy an entry-level Rolex, there is a watch worth mentioning, that is, the price of the new air overlord is 48,000 yuan, if you have no chance to contact the water ghost and Daytona for the time being, this is just entry level. .

The cheapest Rolex, or Rolex entry sheet, has at least two things in common: 1. Stainless steel (no precious metal bracelet and case); no calendar (because adding a calendar menu makes it more expensive). The menstrual watch that meets these requirements is the reference standard 114300, and the model of the women’s watch is the reference standard 176200. Their public price in the Chinese market is about 38,000 yuan.

So, if your purchase budget is still 38,000 yuan, consider second-hand and ordinary antique Rolex watches, or Rolex-defined proxy cards, rudders. If you insist on buying Rolex’s new watch, too low a budget and informal buying channels may lead to the purchase of fakes. For many people, submariner is not cheap. The domestic public price is almost 60,70,000. For many people, this is also a sky-high price. So, is there a relatively cheap watch for Rolex? If it is not very cheap, it is likely to be the same as the domestic public price of 30,000 to 40,000 yuan. Today, we will learn about several watches that are open at home at this price. These watches are almost the cheapest Rolex.